Defining your personal or professional style can be as simple as making a few changes to your current wardrobe or having a complete makeover from head to toe.  Have you ever wondered how some people always look very polished in their appearance, while others have disheveled hair, out-dated suits & improperly sized clothing?  Being improperly dressed can send of message of lack of confidence or self esteem or lacks attention to detail and leadership abilities.

At Andrea Latrice Style we believe that everyone has the potential to present their best self regardless of body shape, age, lifestyle & income.  Your personal style is one of the greatest assets you can demonstrate when you  present yourself or your company in casual and professional settings.  When you look great and it aligns with your professional network you feel confident & full of purpose.  

The key to building your personal style is developing it around your unique personality & understanding how to dress to compliment your body type.  Your personal & brand values are things that bring you joy & it sometimes may  take you out of your existing comfort zone.  The heart & soul of personal brand styling is embracing who you are & reflecting it in everything you do from your resume, website, social media, client meetings, a day out shopping with the girls, or at a industry party.  It takes work, discipline & tenacity to stay consistent but with the help of a stylist you are one step closer to building a great personal style!  

Are you ready to start your style journey?

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