Friday, October 25, 2019

Professional Style | 14 Things Stylish Women Do Everyday

Looking polished and confident doesn't always mean a complete wardrobe overhaul.  Sometimes its  also incorporating life changes, intentional planning + a few wardrobe tweaks to achieve an overall polished vibe.  Today I will share 14 things that stylish women do daily or weekly for a positive & cohesive flow.

1.  Dress for the weather

2.  Plan your outfit looks for the week on Sunday or at least the night before.

3.  Give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning.

4.  Select the right undergarments for your look.

5.  Dress for the occasion

6.  Wear clothes that fit and flatter your current body.  

7.  Anchor looks with one expensive looking piece.  In most cases choose quality over quantity.

8.  Pick the right accessories for your look. 

9.  Always dry clean your "Good Clothes" or investment pieces.

10.  After a long day, never lounge in your professional work clothes.  Get comfy after work. 

11.  Follow other stylish women whether its celebrities or your favorite Instagram Influencer.  Creating a Pinterest board as a constant reminder of your style goals. 

12.  Fold & hang up your clothes.  Don't just leave them sitting around in your bedroom or in piles in your closet. 

13.  Be aware of when to wear heels and flats.  I personally keep a shoe basket in my car for quick changes or in my work satchel. 

14.  Keep a fashion/style emergency kit on hand.  This includes: safety pins, band-aids, Tide pens or other stain remover wipes & fashion emergency tape. 

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