Thursday, May 30, 2019

Stylist Tip | 5 Ways to Update Your Personal Style | Nashville Stylist

The summer is upon us and the days are getting longer, if you are anywhere close to Nashville you know that the weather has started out with some heat!  I want to share 5 ways to update your style for the new season.  Each season you should be updating your wardrobe as you are changing out your closet pieces.  Lets face it, we change & our body changes from year to year. Whether you have been on a weight loss journey or you have been consuming comfort food this Winter updating your closet with help to keep your look fresh.

Tip 1:  Go through your your entire closet.  Donate or sell items that you know will no longer work for your body and current style.  I actually do a combination of both, I cycle through my closet each season and donate to Goodwill.  I also have a sell better items on Poshmark.  If think of this as "Flipping your Closet" so that you can purchase new pieces from your sales or you could apply it to your home monthly budget.

Tip 2:  Remove items that no longer fit the way you want.  I firmly believe in having a tailor or seamstress on deck.  Most times this will help you maintain your clothing budget because a tailor can  sometimes be more affordable than buying a new wardrobe.  Also with this tip, your blazer fit matters, pay attention to the shoulder area.  Even though the over sized blazer is in this season, it should still fit you nicely.  

3.  Less is More Simplify.  Now I will be transparent and say this one is tough for me, but I consider myself a "Ruthless Editor".  I don't mind donating and selling if I know that I will be bringing in new pieces. As a Stylist, I find myself buying something for myself if I am shopping for a Style Client.  This tip work well for people that are working on a minimalist journey and working toward a capsule wardrobe.  

4.  Replace tanks and t-shirts every season.  I recommend that you replace your basics every season.  Whether long sleeve or short sleeve shirts.  This keeps them fresh and crisp, especially your white, black & heather grey shirts.  I would also add to the list black & khaki slacks that make start to show signs of wear. I love a good crew neck tee because it look good with just about anything, especially jeans, slacks, skirts or paired with a blazer.   My go to places to refresh my basics is Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic.  I am also not opposed to Target's basics because they are good quality as well, for both men & women. 

5.  Accessories Matter!  I am a firm believer in having current accessories.  My personal style is pretty classic overall, however I give it a boost with updated accessories especially during the Spring & Summer months.  You can really set off your look with a good statement necklace or earrings to create an entirely different look to the basic black suit or blouse and slacks.  Get creative!  

What are some ways that you update your wardrobe for each season?  To schedule a closet or style consultation please contact me at

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