Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Style Tip Tuesday | How to Cover A Tattoo for Special Events

Style Tip: You are a bride with tattoos but you don’t necessarily want them to be visible on your wedding day.

*Disclaimer* I AM NOT AN MUA But I have worked with some great talent & only refer the best that are a good fit in personality. It’s important to mesh well with even your style/glam team BECAUSE those are the ones that will see you for the last time & give you your finishing touches before your grand entrance to your wedding!

Back on track:: If you do have tattoos and you don’t want them to be visible in your wedding dress, I love products like #Dermablend for a flawless look. However WHEN you hire a professional MUA they will provide their top selections for tattoo coverage as well. Please be aware that additonal tattoo coverage maybe an additional fee for your #weddingstyle budget.

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