Monday, September 17, 2018

Packing Made Simple for Business Trips + Honeymoon Travel

Lets face it, packing for anything can be a stressful and daunting undertaking.  Couple that with packing for your honeymoon...*insert physical meltdown here*.  You are checking the weather to know exactly what types of clothes to pack, you always over pack so that means that you run into weight restrictions when flying specific airlines.  Sound familiar?

As a Bridal Stylist I work with brides & grooms on their wedding day style but I also offer a service of honeymoon styling that includes packing assistance.   This helps to eliminate that added stress of "OMG I am getting married & Oh I also have to pack" for my honeymoon to this exotic or romantic honeymoon destination. 

Smart packing is the key when packing for a long honeymoon vacation.  I love to compartmentalize my suitcase when traveling because it helps to save space & also keeps things organized should you have to remove something due to weight or for TSA to check your bag. 

Here are a few of my favorite things to use when packing for long trips! 

I absolutely love this Underwear pouch from MochiThings.  It keeps your unmentionables in a discreet pouch that is very convenient.  So even if you did have to be searched by TSA you are not mortified that all your underwear is out in plain view &  is not being handled by a total stranger.
This pouch would also make a great bridesmaids gift as well!  

Another favorite are these Travel Vinyl Bags by Mochi Things  for liquids & wet items.  Sure you could use a simple plastic bag or even a cosmetic bag  but I love the fact that it keeps liquids contained.  There is nothing worse than opening your luggage after a flight only to discover that a perfume or foundation has exploded.  

These Mochi Things medium mesh travel bags make packing & organization a breeze & again its all about creating compartments in your luggage.  As a rule always remember to roll your clothes while packing because it creates more space in your luggage. 

Creates a very neatly package suitcase don't you think?

My final travel/packing essential is the Longchamp Le Pliage Folding Bag.  This bag is everything when you travel.  It can serve as your carry on bag (depending on the size), once at your destination it can become your daily travel bag.  The great thing about this bag is that it can easily fold up & be stored in your luggage when not in use!  Longchamp can be purchased online & also found at your better department stores like  Nordstrom. 

What are some of your favorite ways to organize while traveling?  If you are interested in honeymoon styling services be sure to check out my website 

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