Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Style Tip | The Look For Less | Classic White Button Down Blouse

If its something that I love I am willing to pay full price for it...That says alot coming from me as a 20+ year Retail/Inventory Manager & Buyer.  I know what items cost wholesale to make and put in the stores so I always take that into consideration when I am shopping both for myself and also for my style clients. (The average clothing piece in a major retail store has the lifespan of about 6-8 weeks max before it gets marked down).

Until this happened to me recently....

A classic "crisp" white button down blouse has been a wardrobe essential piece for me for years, well over 20 years to be exact.  I fell in love with the classic white button down while I was managing for Gap Inc.   Fast forward to  about 5 years ago when I stepped up my Classic white button down blouse "Game" and added a little Brooks Brother action into my wardrobe.  The brand Brooks Brothers is classic & timeless and it never goes out of style.  I believe that a classic white button down blouse has the lifespan of about 12-14 months in your wardrobe.  Hear me out on this one, with weekly laundry, dry cleaning, white can tend to get dingy or have a yellow cast to on the color.  Who wants to walk around in a dingy white blouse?  I'll wait!!??

I was introduced to the Brooks Brothers Non Iron Fitted Dress Shirt  by a work colleague at the time.  I always complimented her on her blouses because she was never wrinkled by the end of the day (sometimes 14-16 hour days).  That's when she shared The Secret of the Non Iron Fitted Shirt.  Now it will set you back $98 but it was worth it.  I believe in "looking the part" and your wardrobe speaks in a room of Leaders before you even introduce yourself! 

Blouse Details:  French darting for a slimmer silhouette, tailored fit, stretch cotton & single barrel cuffs.

A few weeks ago,  I was cruising around Wal-Mart at 6am (yes I am that woman that beats the crowd) and I often will browse their Womens clothing section because if you know how to outfit looks, you can basically shop anywhere.   I ran across the new  Time & & Tru  Women's Career Collection and immediately spotted their version of the classic white button down blouse.  It was:  Long Sleeve, Wrinkle Resistant, and had Stretch.  All the qualities that I loved about the Brooks Brothers Blouse.  Get this...the regular price was only $14.44!  Needless to say I bee lined to the fitting room at 6am to try on the blouse and it fit just the same if not better than the one that I love so much!  

This is one way that you can save on your wardrobe by simply knowing what you are looking for & love to incorporate with your style.  I actually get alot of inspiration from couture fashion magazines, Essence & fashion bloggers and lot of times I can recreate a look pretty easy.  If you are visual, create a Signature Style board on Pinterest and revisit that board when you know that you will be shopping for clothing pieces.  

Below are a few ways that I love to outfit the classic white button down blouse!  

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