Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Personal Style | Does your dress size really matter?

Style Tip Tuesday • This is going to raise some eyebrows I am sure with fitness lovers and trainers but hear me out as a Stylist! 

I hear from so many people, women especially "Oh I want to hire you when I drop these 20-40 pounds." Say what now? So right now you are walking around in too tight clothing that automatically makes you feel & look uncomfortable and less confident because you are constantly pulling and tugging on your clothes. Now that sounds genius right? 

Clothes that are ill fitting can do more harm than good. Sure that skirt is a size 8 but right now you could maybe be more comfortable in a Size 10/12. That's perfectly fine, if Size numbers bother you cut the tag out of the garment. Once you start to lose the weight it can always be altered down for fit. It's never cute or stylish to walk around looking like a busted can of biscuits just because you don't want to move up a size & are not being an active participant in losing weight. Real Talk! 

Be honest with yourself! Nothing makes you feel thinner and more confident than wearing clothing that truly fit properly! 
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