Friday, July 14, 2017

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...Andrea Latrice Style

 Friday Introductions |  Allow me to reintroduce myself...Hi I am A. Latrice of Andrea Latrice Style formerly known as Opulent Couturier(OpulentCouture on social media). I am a Stylist/Style Strategist residing in Nashville Tennessee & originally from Kentucky. I am a true southern woman with city flair. •I love a good full skirt, great shoes, Kentucky BBQ, UK Wildcats basketball + a real southern gentleman. I also love listening to a good book my most recent audiobook was by @cthagod #blackprivilege it was excellent. I also love random trips to @Target & the beauty supply store of all places. Don't judge me.

I started my business in 2008 as Bridal Opulence solely focusing on wedding planning. I decided to change my company name to Opulent Couturier in 2011-12 because I recognized that I also had a passion for bridal style. I have worked over 20+ years in Retail Management and it was easy to incorporate my big box Retail experience into my business. I love style of all types it never gets old to me. 

In 2017 I decided to do my "Final Company Rebrand/name change" to Andrea Latrice Style. It was extremely scary because for so long you get comfortable behind a "company name". If I use Andrea Latrice....ummm That's me. So with much prayer, girl chats, hours at my laptop the brand was created. I pulled the trigger and launched my new website and brand. It's been the best decision I could have made for myself, confidence in my business & just overall where I want to stand & be seen in the creative marketplace. I am passionate about working with the everyday busy business professional on defining their look for the office, special occasions or even their wedding. 
I am Andrea Latrice & it's always Classic • Effortless • Style. 📷: @rishaleondra

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