Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Style Tip Tuesday: Proper Fit Matters as Your Changes

Style Tip Tuesday • Let's talk style y'all, I mean really talk. When did you really recognize style or fashion growing up? For me, I have to keep it 💯 (Real 😝) it started probably in middle school definitely. Maybe even younger because I can remember as a child my Mama kept "me together". There is a picture at my Granny's house of me in Monochromatic green (all green) at nursery school & I was sharp. For years I was known as "Little blade of grass" by Mr. Robert Bibbs. I say all of this to say that we are introduced to things at an early age and you never know what will stick with you. 

As you mature & evolve into your professional careers whether it's Corporate America or Entrepreneurship your style should grow with you. A lot of young college grads are concerned about not looking older or frumpy as they start their careers with their wardrobe. Dress your age but tweak it a little to match the industry that you represent, this goes for all ages. 

Remember that clothes are to express who you are & yes it does matter what you rock to work and to meetings. You are your brand and you must represent! Classic•Effortless•Style 

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