Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Personal Style | Three Must Have Spring Styles for Women

Cold Shoulder Blouse & Dresses - Shoulder baring style pieces are in just about every store this Spring.  In my professional opinion its not a style that everyone can pull off however if you can, they look good! 

Jumpers & Rompers - One of my personal favorites simply for the versatility. Rompers can be rocked with heels and even sneakers for a casual weekend style. 

Lightweight Utility Jacket- I love the military inspiration with these jackets and they are simple to dress up or down to create a variety of looks. 

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Special Event Styling | Are you Kentucky Derby + Steeplechase Nashville Ready?

As a southern girl...aka Kentucky native I am very much aware of the importance of the Kentucky Derby and now a Nashville resident Iroquois Steeplechase.  Lets face it the premise is the horse race but to everyone else it is also about the fashion, hats, mint juleps & the bloody mary.  I have watched "Derby" grow over the years with the celebrity events and parties but it always comes full circle with the hats/fascinators.  

As a Stylist I love the southern fashions of Derby & Steeplechase but I would always advise Clients to stay simple on the attire if you are going bold with your hat or fascinator.  By simple I mean a classic sheath dress or monochromatic looks in order to allow your hat to be a statement piece.  

Sharing a few of my favorite hat styles, comment below to let me know your favorite.  Also be sure to check out  the collections of Arturo Rios...they are amazing.  Are you attending the Kentucky Derby or Steeplechase in Nashville?  If so share the look you are going for this year! 

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Men's Style Monday | Step Up Your Accessory Game

Men's Style Monday: I personally love men's accessories because it's easy to show your personality or flavor with pops of color when your wear suits, etc. Here are a few helpful tips when updating your "style coordinates". 

Image credit:  Pinterest

1. Always make sure your shoes & belt match. If you want to take it a step further match your wallet as well. 

2. Purchase a new wallet at least 1x per year. They really show signs of wear & nothing is worse than seeing a man with a torn up wallet. Just Saying. 

3. If you work in a professional environment invest in a good messenger bag or briefcase. Quality ones can be purchased from stores like Marshalls or TJ Maxx if you are "Ballin' on a budget". 

4.  Don't forget to step up your sock game.

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