Monday, September 7, 2015

Professional Style: Tailoring Makes The Difference

One of the biggest style mistakes that I see daily has to be people that don't tailor their clothes to fit their body.  Lets face it not all clothes will fit your body perfectly straight off the rack & that is were tailoring comes into play.  Speaking for myself I am fairly short, so I have to have my denim tailored to better fit my body for length.  I personally don't like to purchase petites because I love a little length (hang time) to go over my shoes.  Tailoring works well for basically anything but I especially love it for suits, shirts,  blazers, denim.

Recently I was doing some research for a Virtual Style Client located outside of the Nashville area & I ran across the service of zTailors  *Insert Jazz Hands*  zTailors is literally like the Uber or Netflix for Tailors.  In a nutshell zTailors are a network of Tailors in a variety of locations in the United States and they come to your home or office.  After visiting with you & reviewing the items you want tailored,  they will return your tailored items within a week!  Its just that simple!

At the moment Nashville does not have any Tailors utilizing zTailors but I have referred them in other cities!  So now that you know better you will do better!  Right...Right?!   Incorporate tailoring into your style budget when you are updating your wardrobe for Fall!

We are approaching Fall, and its the perfect time to start purging your closet to make room for Fall Style Trends!  Please contact me at or Email me at

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