Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Personal Style | Staple Wardrobe Must Have for Fall 2015

Even though the official end of Summer is not until September 22nd, there is a switch that personally flips in my brain that its Fall once we celebrate Labor Day.  I can't be the only one?  I wanted to share a few quick transitional Fall Trends that you can start adding to your wardrobe now & possibly catch a few items by shopping end of the Summer sales.

Horizontal Stripes:  This is a tricky trend if you are plus size or "top heavy" because its always been a style faux pas to stay away from horizontal stripes because they make you appear larger.  However I am here to affirm you that you can rock horizontal stripes but I would suggest thin horizontal instead of thick stripes.

Image credit:  Pinterest 

Shades of Grey:  You can never go wrong when you layer shades of grey for your personal or professional style.  I love mixed monochromatic colors for a more cohesive & pulled together style.  In my opinion Kim Kardashian does this very well!  

Image credit:  J. Crew

Skinny Scarf:  This is a trend that will be very large this season & it will transition well from Summer - Winter.  This will all be based off of the material that the scarf is made.   The joy about skinny scarves are the various ways that you can tie them to create various looks!

Black & White Graphic T-shirts:  I am in love with graphic t-shirts lately, I wear them at least once per week & have learned to dress them up & dress them down.  Black & White graphic tees allow you to express your mood without even saying a word.  One of my favorite places outside of Etsy.com to purchase graphic t-shirts has to be Tees In The Trap.  I tend to recommend black, white(at times) or heather grey t-shirts for a more polished look.   I never purchased colored graphic t-shirts....like ever. 

What transitional trends are you looking at for Fall 2015?  For personal styling be sure to contact me at www.OpulentCouturierStyle.com I would love to help you develop your personal & professional style.  

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