Thursday, March 5, 2015

Personal Style | Thrift Shopping Tips | #ThriftThursday

If you follow me on social media (which you should) its no secret that I love to thrift shop.  I actually wouldn't consider myself an avid thrifter but I go when the "spirit" moves me...LOL.   I actually started thrifting back in my college days to look for vintage one of a kind pieces especially designer handbags because well, I love a good handbag.  

The more unique the better, because I don't like seeing myself (having a clothes twin) when I go out.  I incorporate vintage and modern pieces as a way to give my look its own flair without having to look like I shopped straight off the mannequin.  I watch so many women when I am out shopping buying looks straight of  the display, Please STOP NOW!  Anyway I digress!  

To me thrifting is an art for some people, I am finding the more that I explore it there are some true thrifting professionals out here and its amazing what they find.  I have even introduced a few clients that have been open to the idea of thrifting while working with them on their personal & professional style.  So today I wanted to share a few tips that I keep in mind when I am in the stores.  I am pretty picky, some would say "Bougie" when I thrift because I do look for specific brands & styles.


  1. Wear clothes that are easy to take off if you plan to look or try on clothes.  I recommend a tank top under a sweater & leggings or sweatpants.  
  2. Never go to a thrift store looking to create an entire outfit.  Be aware of what's in your closet and build on what you have.  If you score an entire outfit great, but if not no biggie!
  3. Shop off season, the same way you would a typical retail store.  You find great deals this way! 
  4. Check the latest Vogue, InStyle or People Stylewatch magazines to see what the current trends are for colors, patterns, etc.  This will help especially when shopping for vintage one of a kind pieces, especially blouses & midi skirts. 
  5. Most thrift stores have weekly sales.  Be sure to check the color of the week/day if the store you are shopping in has those types of sales.  I typically shop at Goodwill of Middle Tennessee stores because 70% of them are decently organized & they have the color of the week!  I have ventured to old thrift stores in the Nashville but I have my best luck at Goodwill. 
  6. Always go with your cell phone charged.  You never know when you may luck up on a great find or brand, and you have to Google it to check the value.  Google is my friend! 
  7. Have in mind what you are looking for when you shop.  For me personally I only look at a certain things:  Shoes, Handbags, Blazers, Skirts/Pants & Home Decor.  I like things that are structured when I thrift but that's just my personal preference.  
  8. Have cash on hand if you are going to a Mom & Pop thrift store because they may not be setup for credit cards.  Which is hard to believe in 2015 but it happens. 
  9. Check, check & double check the items for stains, damages, etc.  
  10. Don't just buy something because its cheap.  This is how you begin to accumulate clutter.  Ask yourself if there were retail price in a store would I buy it?  
  11. Sizing:  Depending on who designed it & what decade it was made in the sizing may be different.  Try it on, you just never know!  
  12. Go with an open mind & have fun! 

I hope these tips help in your thrift shopping adventures.  What is the best thing that you have found while thrift shopping?  Comment down below! 

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