Friday, March 6, 2015

Personal Style | How to Eliminate a Potential Wardrobe Malfunction

Hollywood Fashion Secret products are style products that I highly recommend to my personal  & bridal style clients.  I also include a few items in their new client welcome kits.  We have all been in public situations and have experienced or came close to having a wardrobe malfunction.  Whether its a missing button, deodorant on the blouse, or "cold weather exposure" causing nip exposure.  We've all been there, done that & could probably write the book.

Here are a few of my favorite Hollywood Fashion Secret products for client use & also for photoshoots as well.

Accessory Tape Dots:  used to hold your accessories in place.

 Bra Converting Clip: Converts any bra to a cross back. Great for racer back tops, etc.

Garment Shields: Helps to protect your clothes if you experience heavy underarm sweating.

 Fashion Tape:  Works as double stick tape for clothing & body.  These look so much better than wearing a safety pin to close a button up blouse. On the body it withstands sweat also.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets can be found at select  The Container Store, Target & online.
Have you ever experienced a major wardrobe malfunction?  How did you fix it?  Comment below!

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