Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The First Step in Developing Your Personal Style - Closet Organization

We all want to look our best & project a polished look personally as well as professionally.  However many times its easy to become overwhelmed just by simply walking into your closet to pick out what you are going to wear each day.   Whether you are holding on to that one suit that you will be able to wear again if you lose those last 10 pounds or you are holding on to clothes from your undergrad years of college...lets face it we all could probably edit a few pieces out of our existing wardrobe.  

One of my holy grail rules that I share with my clients who want to begin their personal style journey is that in order to bring new items in, we have to assess what you currently own, what fits, what complements your current body & what's on trend before we shop for any new pieces for your wardrobe which is what I call a closet analysis.  This rule helps so that you won't repurchase something that is already in the closet. 

If you are not going to solicit the help of a stylist with your closet analysis & organization, I want to share of my top 5 questions to ask yourself when you are cleaning your closet. 

  1. Have you worn this over the last year?
  2. Does it fit me?
  3. Would I currently purchase this brand new, if I were in the store now?
  4. Is the fabric faded, damaged, etc.
  5. Are you only keeping it for sentimental reasons?

When you have asked yourself those questions, that is when you have to figure out what to do with the clothes that are you clearing out of the closet.  My suggestion is create 3 piles:  Keep it, Toss it, Donate it!  
Another option for the items you want to get rid of that are still in good condition would be a plan a Clothes Swap party with your girlfriends or family.  You set the limit on how many pieces everyone can bring, select a location for the party, add a few appetizers & cocktails & then its happy shopping without spending a dime!  

Opulent Couturier Style is currently booking clients for personal style & closet organization.  For more information please visit the website at

Happy Organizing!  

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