Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Professional Style | Tougher Than Leather | Style Tip Tuesday

Mixing fabrics & textiles is extremely popular right now with personal style.  Mixing fabrics or patterns can be tricky however a good rule to remember in the beginning is to mix a textured fabric with the smooth fabric or textile.

When mixing patterns a good rule to remember also it start with 2 patterns that share the same color scheme with your clothes & incorporate a solid contrasting color with your accessories (ie. handbag or shoes).

In this inspiration we are mixing a tweed blazer with a black leather pencil skirt.  The tweed blazer is modern yet still conservative for the office and pairing it with the leather pencil skirt incorporates a bit of an edge, the perfect combination!  I chose the black ankle strap heels because they will elongate the legs in the pencil skirt.

Are you comfortable with mixing fabrics & patterns?  Do share in the comments below!

Keep it Stylish!

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