Monday, December 1, 2014

Exuding Elegance in Your Professional Style....

This statement is so true & I can only refer to myself and what I pass along to my style clients.
A person can exude elegance without following the trends. It’s okay to incorporate some elements of current style/fashion trends but never ever look like you stepped out of a cheap clothing store ad.
Now this may raise brows BUT hear me out if you incorporate quality clothing pieces w/less affordable accessories your clothes will outshine your accessories. I recommend investing in quality over quantity to see the longevity of your investment. I love great accessories but will shop for style accessories at places like Forever 21, H&M and Charming Charlie  & incorporate with quality style clothing pieces.
Wearing those "1-2 wear" clothes (y’all know what I mean) when you are trying to build your personal & professional brand are OUT! If your budget is tight look for a quality piece 1-2x a month, start small & build. Don’t go on a shopping spree of “let’s check the rain forecast clothes” & with one wash its child size. 

What are you shopping for this Fall/Winter? What’s on your must have list for style?

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