Saturday, November 29, 2014

Personal Style | How to Dress to Boost Your Confidence

How to dress to boost your confidence

1. Define your personal style : this simply means be aware of your likes in clothing & a particular style that complements your body.

2. Identify your favorite body part & then dress to accentuate/highlight that area. **Please keep in mind this should all be done tastefully**. Example: if your breast are your favorite body part it doesn’t mean rocking low cut blouses to the office everyday. There are ways to accent your breast & still be tasteful as well as professional!

3. Wear your best clothing pieces everyday because each day is a blessing! Often times I hear women especially say that they purchased something only to save it for a special occasion. Everyday is a special occasion & each day is not promised so if you feel like rocking sequins on a Monday…. I say do it girl!!

4. Dress up every chance you get because when you look good, you feel good!

5. If you are wearing something that does not make you feel confident when you look in the mirror…take it off! With the popularity of style blogs, Instagram & YouTube oftentimes you see someone wearing something that is cute for their body type or personality and you try the same style but have a lackluster end result. Take the time to define your personal style likes & dislikes and create your own style that can only reflect your personality!

Stay stylish & be confident! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Published | Southern Weddings Magazine V7 - Fun + Fancy Free

Its always a pleasure to share when our bridal styling has been featured both online & in print.  Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with a "Dream Team" of  Nashville wedding professionals for an amazing photoshoot that is featured in the new Southern Weddings Magazine V7. 
Fun and Fancy Free is the ultimate All- American summer wedding in the South, filled with a patriotic color palette & so much southern style. 

This is a peek of the editorial shoot that was shot by Nancy Ray Photography at Cedarwood Weddings here in Nashville.  I will have full feature post coming up very soon to share all the style details from this beautiful editorial.  If you have not had the opportunity to pickup your copy of the new Southern Weddings Magazine, the beautiful glossy is available on newsstands around the South.   I finally got my hands on a copy last week and its one of the best SW magazines I have seen yet.  Its full of love and so much southern bridal inspiration...a must see for newly engaged couples! 

Be sure to visit the Southern Weddings Blog for the full post & also a fun behind the scenes video of the editorial! 

Full list of the amazing vendors: 

Photographer: Nancy Ray Photography / Videographer: Nicholas & Keaton / Venue, Styling, Florals, and Signage: Cedarwood Weddings / Coordinator, Designer, and Paper Goods: Amber Housley Weddings / Watercolor Map: Simply Jessica Marie / Catering: Poppy’s CafeLegato GelatoThe Peach Truck / Cakes: Patty Cakes / Hair and Makeup: Tara Thomas and Gina Putnam of Studio BBC / Fashion Stylist: Opulent Couturier / Bride’s Gown: “McCants” by LulaKate / Reception Dress: “Organza Striped” by LulaKate / Bridal Salon: The Bride Room / Bride’s Veil and Hair Accessories: Beatrice Couture Designs / Ladies’ and Kids’ Accessories: Charming Charlie / Bridesmaid Dresses: LulaKate / Bridesmaid Dress Salon: Bella Bridesmaids Nashville / Menswear:Street Tuxedo / Bow Tie: Otis James Nashville / Men’s and Kids’ Accessories: Land of the Thread / Kids’ Clothing: Gap Kids Green Hills Mall Nashville and Chaps Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Celebrity Bridal Wedding Style - Solange Knowles

If you happened to be anywhere close to the the internet or your smart phone on Sunday afternoon, I am sure you have seen at least 1 or 2 of the gorgeous images from this amazing wedding.  From the all white stylish attire to the artistic wedding images, Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson really "married"  their personal style into their bridal style, which is exactly what you should do on your wedding day.  

The rehearsal dinner: simple style for the bride & very grown man dapper from the groom.  

As a bridal stylist I immediately fell in love with these stylish wedding images.  However it also confirmed the importance of working with a bridal stylist to create the perfect & cohesive bridal look for a wedding day.  Solange & Alan are very artistic and their personal style shines through in every piece that they selected for their wedding day.  From the caped jumpsuit & dress to his gold capped shoes this was their signature style.  

In working with brides selecting their bridal style can be daunting especially if their personal style has yet to be identified.  You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, just a more glamorous version.  If your daily style going to school or work is not frilly and girly than by all means you don't have to select a princess style bridal gown (because of tradition)  unless you want to look like a princess on your wedding day.  Brides can sometimes become overwhelmed when looking for their wedding dress with friends and family because everyone has their opinion on how they want the bride to look on her wedding day. 

Working with a bridal stylist and going through a thorough style questionnaire discussing your personal style can make shopping for a dress less stressful.  A bridal stylist will take the information from the questionnaire and schedule bridal appointments for you  as well as pull dresses for you to try on upon your arrival for your appointment.  This will set the tone for your day in a bridal salon and it will sometimes eliminate the opinion of "everyone" selecting the dress they want you to wear.  After all this is your wedding day & you and your groom have to happy but most importantly comfortable as well as confident.  
Your bridal style should complement your overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding from the tuxedos to the reception decor & the grande exit.

There is more to bridal style than just getting a dress & selecting jewelry.  Your overall look should tell a story and it will be immediately received by all those in attendance when you work with the bridal stylist.  A bridal stylist will work cohesively with your wedding planner and event designer to ensure special details at your wedding or reception can be incorporated into your bridal stylist.  

Jumpsuit by Stephane Rolland & the Groom wore Lanvin

The couple biked to their wedding ceremony location...So dope! 

In hiring a bridal stylist for your wedding they can also style your bridal party as well as parents for the wedding day.  Again the styles should complement the overall wedding aesthetic and tell a story.  Bridal stylist can schedule tuxedo fittings, personal shop for flower girl dresses, Mother of the Bride & Groom dresses to recommending your wedding day hair & makeup artist (Glam Team). 
On the day of the wedding your Bridal Stylist will be onsite to assist you in getting dressed, bustling your gown before the wedding reception,  assisting in a 2nd dress change (if you have one) ensuring your glam team is on time & in place to start hair & makeup as well as working with the grooms.  Your bridal stylist should be in communication with your wedding planner and provide a bridal style timeline as well.  

 This takes the stress of the wedding planner because that's honestly not their job, to style you for the wedding. when they can be focusing on other timeline & design opportunities prior to the wedding ceremony or reception.  Can it be done, Yes because I have worn both hats, however if you have the opportunity to retain a bridal stylist I would highly recommend incorporating it into your wedding budget. Give yourself the peace of mind in having a style professional take care of this aspect of your wedding style.  

A bridal stylist can style you for your engagement photos as well as shop for and with you for your bridal showers, bachelorette party & honeymoon looks!  The possibilities are endless.....

Dress designer:  Humberto Leon of Kenzo 
Bracelets:  Jill for Lady Grey
Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman (most comfortable shoes ever) 

Wedding Photography was commissioned by Rog Walker

Overall brides can learn a lot from the Knowles-Ferguson wedding images:  (1) Incorporate your personal style & personality into your wedding style.  (2) Think outside the box with your wedding images to create new traditions for your family.  (3)  Its okay to break tradition as long as it makes you happy.  (4)  Enjoy your wedding day, its all about the love you share with your fiance!  

 Andrea Latrice Style specializes in bridal styling for the modern bride.  I am based in Nashville Tennessee but also available for destination weddings in the United States & abroad.   If you are interested in hiring a bridal stylist for your wedding day, I would love to chat with you to answer any questions you may have.   I look forward to creating unique bridal looks that can only complement your personal style and wedding day! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Personal Style | Thrifting 101

Thifting 101:  This has been a requested  post of how to thrift shop & what I look for when I go thrifting.  I will start this out simply by saying that one of the most important things to remember before you start thrifting is to identify your personal style.  What is it that you like to wear, because I may go into a thrift store & find 10 items but I know that my personal style is classic, timeless for staple pieces.  Staple pieces meaning blazers, slacks & skirts & I do also love vintage blouses.  You will have better luck in  your thrifting excursions when you truly know what you like to wear & not just what you see someone else wearing.  

Tip #1:  Check online reviews - be aware of what current customers are saying about the thrift stores in your area. Pricing, store cleanliness, customer services, etc.  This helps a lot believe it or not. 

Tip #2:  Go with an open mind - shopping at a thrift store is not like a trip to Macy’s or Gap, its more like a TJ Maxx experience where you have to hunt for great finds.  You may not find anything the first few times that you go but don’t let that stop you, drop in often if there are stores close to you.  Trust me its worth it!  

Tip #3:  Shop on discount days.  This is very important in maximizing your savings.  Most Goodwill stores have a “color of the week” & also certain days that all items are extremely discounted.  I feel accomplished when I get something designer for a fraction of the cost because of an extra discount.  

Tip #4:  Go alone!  I know this sounds crazy but thrift shopping takes time to look, its very seldom you can breeze in & out & expect to find a great deal.  For me thrift shopping is therapeutic & calming.  I typically will put on my headphones, listen to music & zone out while cruising the store.  

Tip #5:  Shop all sections of the store;  Men’s, Women’s, Children’s & especially housewares.  I love vintage t-shirts & I always make it a point to look through the Men’s t-shirt section.  Housewares:  look for unique vases for your home or office, sure they may need a little TLC but there is nothing a little cleaner & spray paint can’t make it into a great “new to you” piece of decor.  Be Creative!!  

Tip #6:  Go with a Mission - know the types of clothing that you are looking for on that particular day.  If its pants & blazers visit those sections first & then visit the other sections.  

Tip #7:  Have knowledge of quality brand names.  Its no secret that most people know names like Gap, Liz Claiborne, Polo, etc.  However I have alot of luck in the Nashville stores of finding quality designer pieces because most shoppers are not aware of what they just passed up.  For example, I’ve scored pieces by Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy, Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Michael Kors & Christian Dior just to name a few.  It blows my mind when I see them still sitting on the shelves of especially Goodwill.  I think we are fortunate in that we do have some great thrift stores in Nashville but it really helps if you are educated on brand names!   Look for quality items that are unique, this sets you apart from always dressing like everyone else!  *Personal Style* 

Tip #8:  Don’t forget Accessories;  Thrift stores are great for finding accessories such as belts, scarfs, jewelry & handbags.  I am pretty particular about jewelry so I tend to keep it a minimum, however belts, handbags & scarfs I typically check those areas first!  For men definitely check the neckties as well as the belt section you will find many hidden gems just by being familiar with name brands.  

Tip #9: Don’t rule out the shoes. There are ways to clean & sanitize them to make them good as new.  Typically if I am shopping for myself I look for Italian made shoes because of the quality + craftsmanship.

Tip #10:  Wear comfortable clothes when you go thrift shopping, such as leggings, tank tops, over sized tops & comfortable shoes.  This will make help make trying on items easier in the end.  Also bring a no hassle handbag such as a cross body type bag so that you are hands free.  

Tip #11:  Try on all your items whether its shoes or clothing.  This is where the comfy clothes will help you.  Also be sure if you purchase any  item(s) be sure to wash it or take it to the dry cleaners for cleaning.   Also inspect your items thoroughly before purchasing for rips, holes, stains, etc.  Most stores have a return policy but its better to be safe than sorry!  

Tip #12:  Travel outside of your community or neighborhood to thrift.  Explore other areas of your city that have thrift stores, you can find all types of hidden gems!

Tip #13:  Be aware that stores like Target actually send items that don’t sell in their stores to area Goodwill locations at least once per week.  However the drawback is that sometimes Goodwill may price it higher than Target’s last markdown of 75-80% off.  

Tip #14:  When thrift shopping be sure to check out the current season’s trends on the runway, style blogs & street styles.  More times than not styles come back around & you can make it your own by scoring a unique piece.  

Tip #15:  Keep your closet relevant to your personal style.  I call this ruthless editing.  If you add a new or thrifted piece(s) remove one piece.  This will ensure that you actually know what you have in your closet & you can circulate your daily styles.  If you thrift often, things can add up pretty quickly so I suggest having a girls night swap party or clothes exchange.  Just another excuse to get together with friends to chat, have cocktails & explore style!  

I hope that you’ve found these tips value added!   Opulent Couturier is available for personal style shopping & also one on one thrift shopping if you would like to explore & shop with me!  As we shop I will share helpful tips & pointers but also share some of my local favorite thrift stores that I frequent in the Nashville, TN area!    

Contact me via my website at or email  to schedule your shopping experience!  

Happy Thrifting! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#WTWW | How to Wear a Infinity Scarf

{What to Wear Wednesday} it’s Fall & the weather is brisk here in Nashville & nothing I love more than to start incorporating scarves into my wardrobe. A scarf can be warn in so many ways; as a neck adornment, handbag accessory, bracelet(triple wrapped), hair accessory & so many other possibilities.

I discovered that Hermès has a really great Instructional App for wearing scarves that included video tutorials. It’s called the Hermès Silk Knots in the App Store on iPhone.

I hope you find this helpful & if you wear scarves please snap a picture & tag me on Instagram #OCStyleScarf I would love to see how you knot & rock your scarf!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Professional Style: The Power of the Cape!

Super Power…ROCK your capes ladies! It’s one of my Fall style favorites especially if it’s belted. Capes work great with denim, dress slacks and even skirts! It’s a must have for Fall!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Wrap Dresses Complement Every Body Type

Wrap Dresses, perfect for every body type.  

My love for wrap dresses go back to my college days when I was first introduced to The Limited Wrap dresses.  I absolutely adore them & they transform every body type into a trim, hourglass figure.  What woman wouldn’t that right?  

Why I love a wrap dress:
  • Its figure flattering for every body literally.
  • The tie belt w/a bow is a good feminine touch.
  • The subtle ruching camoflauges a tummy pooch.
  • You can dress them up or down with the right accessories & shoes.
  • My current favorite wrap dress designer:  Diane von Furstenberg
I believe that every woman should own at least 2 wrap dresses in their wardrobe.  A classic black & a printed dress.