Saturday, November 29, 2014

Personal Style | How to Dress to Boost Your Confidence

How to dress to boost your confidence

1. Define your personal style : this simply means be aware of your likes in clothing & a particular style that complements your body.

2. Identify your favorite body part & then dress to accentuate/highlight that area. **Please keep in mind this should all be done tastefully**. Example: if your breast are your favorite body part it doesn’t mean rocking low cut blouses to the office everyday. There are ways to accent your breast & still be tasteful as well as professional!

3. Wear your best clothing pieces everyday because each day is a blessing! Often times I hear women especially say that they purchased something only to save it for a special occasion. Everyday is a special occasion & each day is not promised so if you feel like rocking sequins on a Monday…. I say do it girl!!

4. Dress up every chance you get because when you look good, you feel good!

5. If you are wearing something that does not make you feel confident when you look in the mirror…take it off! With the popularity of style blogs, Instagram & YouTube oftentimes you see someone wearing something that is cute for their body type or personality and you try the same style but have a lackluster end result. Take the time to define your personal style likes & dislikes and create your own style that can only reflect your personality!

Stay stylish & be confident! 

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