Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Can I Wear White After Labor Day?

So do you wear white after Labor Day?   Being a Southern Woman that was born & raised in Kentucky & now living in Tennessee this has always been a unspoken style rule.  My Mama & Granny raised me with the notion that you DO NOT Wear white before Easter & You DO NOT Wear white after Labor Day…Well at least from the “waist down”: skirts, pants, tights, shoes, etc.  

Its 2014 and times have changed and so has my personal style perspective as it relates to rocking white before Easter & after Labor Day!  
My personal style preferences for wearing white after Labor Day is:  
  1. Do what makes you feel comfortable & confident.
  2. Put away the summer chambray or beachy linen whites.
  3. Incorporate statement pieces or accessories to your white style pieces.
  4. Accessory Tip:  Silver paired with white = sleek.  Gold paired with white =  warm. 
  5. If you wear white after Labor Day, always pair it with a cream or nude shoe.   This always elongates the leg & creates a seamless look. 
  6. Winter white is always great as the temperatures drop & especially for holiday parties when paired with bold jewelry statement pieces.  

What are your thoughts about wearing white after Labor day? Are you comfortable rocking white after Labor Day?  Comment below! 

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