Thursday, May 30, 2019

Stylist Tip | 5 Ways to Update Your Personal Style | Nashville Stylist

The summer is upon us and the days are getting longer, if you are anywhere close to Nashville you know that the weather has started out with some heat!  I want to share 5 ways to update your style for the new season.  Each season you should be updating your wardrobe as you are changing out your closet pieces.  Lets face it, we change & our body changes from year to year. Whether you have been on a weight loss journey or you have been consuming comfort food this Winter updating your closet with help to keep your look fresh.

Tip 1:  Go through your your entire closet.  Donate or sell items that you know will no longer work for your body and current style.  I actually do a combination of both, I cycle through my closet each season and donate to Goodwill.  I also have a sell better items on Poshmark.  If think of this as "Flipping your Closet" so that you can purchase new pieces from your sales or you could apply it to your home monthly budget.

Tip 2:  Remove items that no longer fit the way you want.  I firmly believe in having a tailor or seamstress on deck.  Most times this will help you maintain your clothing budget because a tailor can  sometimes be more affordable than buying a new wardrobe.  Also with this tip, your blazer fit matters, pay attention to the shoulder area.  Even though the over sized blazer is in this season, it should still fit you nicely.  

3.  Less is More Simplify.  Now I will be transparent and say this one is tough for me, but I consider myself a "Ruthless Editor".  I don't mind donating and selling if I know that I will be bringing in new pieces. As a Stylist, I find myself buying something for myself if I am shopping for a Style Client.  This tip work well for people that are working on a minimalist journey and working toward a capsule wardrobe.  

4.  Replace tanks and t-shirts every season.  I recommend that you replace your basics every season.  Whether long sleeve or short sleeve shirts.  This keeps them fresh and crisp, especially your white, black & heather grey shirts.  I would also add to the list black & khaki slacks that make start to show signs of wear. I love a good crew neck tee because it look good with just about anything, especially jeans, slacks, skirts or paired with a blazer.   My go to places to refresh my basics is Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic.  I am also not opposed to Target's basics because they are good quality as well, for both men & women. 

5.  Accessories Matter!  I am a firm believer in having current accessories.  My personal style is pretty classic overall, however I give it a boost with updated accessories especially during the Spring & Summer months.  You can really set off your look with a good statement necklace or earrings to create an entirely different look to the basic black suit or blouse and slacks.  Get creative!  

What are some ways that you update your wardrobe for each season?  To schedule a closet or style consultation please contact me at

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Professional Spring Style Trend | Pastel Blazers | ALatriceStyle

A Spring Style Trend that I am loving is the pastel blazer.  Pastels just put you in the Spring/Summer Vibe & they can be worn in the office or for more casual looks.  Depending on your overall style, these blazers can be paired with slacks & skirts for the office or denim jeans for a casual look.  

The key in wearing a blazer is selecting the one that best compliments your body type.  Blazer styles can be boxy, cinched waist, over sized, or the traditional style.  They can be accessorized with belts for more waist definition.  

Are you loving the pastel blazer Spring Trend?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Professional Headshot Style Tips | Nashville Professional Stylist

Professional headshots are necessary for your career, personal brand & conveys professionalism.  Its allows your audience or colleagues a chance to get to know your personality.  Its important to invest in a great Professional Photographer to capture your headshots.  This is not the time to take a cute iPhone selfie or have a friend to snap a quick picture and use it for your headshot. 
Invest in yourself, its worth it. 

Below are a few style tips for how to dress for your headshots.

1.  Black is always safe, however adding a pop of color allows your personality to shine through.

2.  Consider your personality when selecting your wardrobe for your shoot.  Adding your "Power Color is always a great thing. 

3.  Avoid logos and busy patterns.

4.  Avoid bulky clothing and/or sweaters.

5. Build on classic style pieces and incorporate stylish accents.  

6.  If you are a Creative Entrepreneur, choose pieces that accent your personality and brand.

7.  Choose pieces that you are comfortable wearing to eliminate the constant pulling & tugging during the shoot.

8.  Dresses (Sheath style) are always a good option.  Longer necklines  may be cropped out so choose a crew or v-neck style.

9.  Necklaces, earrings & scarves add a pop of color and personality. 

10.  Ensure your clothes are  pressed & free of stains. 

For more tips or to schedule a headshot styling consultation please contact me on my website at 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Why Hire a Professional Wardrobe Stylist - Nashville Tennessee

Why Andrea Latrice Style?
10+ years experience as an independent Stylist and Style Expert, meaning my opinion is unbiased and not based on a commission.
Spend a lot of time getting to know each client so I can help them best and translate their ideas into a professional style.
Assist my clients  with tips and tricks for closet organization.
I teach you about what is flattering for your body type.
I document what you already have in your closet so we only build upon clothing that you already own. It’s the best way to save you money.

I will tell you when something does not fit you properly, its all straight talk & no sugar coating!
Create a style plan of what’s missing in your closet & what you need.
Define a unique style that speaks to who you are as a professional.
Great for women who need total style transformations and who are only wearing less than 15% of their closet.
Helpful for women who are struggling to find clothing that looks good on them.
I recommend and other Style Professionals to complete your style makeover.
My personal style services are not just for the busy professional but also the stay at home Mom who needs a refresher.  I also work with Creative Entrepreneurs to define their unique style.  To schedule a consultation, please visit my website at

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Well Dressed Groom || Bridal Stylist

Its not a secret that women love a well dressed man, can I get an amen ladies?  As a wedding stylist I watch style trends for both the bride & the groom and many of the bridal trends come fresh off the runway. 

This wedding season I am head over heels in L-O-V-E with the fabric lapel flowers. These lovelies can be a fresh alternative for the groom & groomsmen than your typical boutonniere .  They are fresh, fun stylish and they can be customized in your wedding color palette or print, not to mention they can be used after the wedding! 

Be the designs of Rashon Carraway

Grooms would you consider rocking a fabric lapel flower on your wedding day?  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bridal Style || The Well Dressed Groom

Today bridal fashion is not just on the minds of brides, its also being thought about with many grooms whether some like to admit it or not.  Its important to select the right tuxedo or suit cut but its equally important to choose the perfect pair of shoes that compliment the overall grooms look for their wedding day.  If you are having a traditional or modern ceremony & reception I would advise going with a more dressier shoe & if your wedding theme is more casual, consider selecting a more casusal shoe even a sneaker if that's your style. 

Most tuxedo shops will outfit you including shoes however if your style is for a more stylish shoe by all means its perfectly fine to rock your own shoes. This also allows you to purchase them ahead of time & break them in for maximum comfort before the wedding day.  This shows your character & will complete your look just as a bride has that IT Wedding Shoe....So should her Groom! 

Andrea Latrice Style offers bridal styling services for the entire bridal party including parents, for more information visit our website.  

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Beauty Junkie Confessions | YSL Beauty

I am a self diagnosed makeup & "product lover" (aka Junkie) so when I received a message that I was selected to review the YSL Influenster VIP Box I was thrilled.   I received the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer & Touche Eclat Blur Profector. 

The box arrived & everything was package very well.   I am a lover of great packaging and YSL always knocks it out of the park with their mirrored gold packaging. 

Inside the box there was an information card sharing the featured products that I would be reviewing.  The models were absolutely gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?

The first product that I reviewed was the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer.  I have combination skin but definitely oily in my t-zone & large pores on my nose.  The blur primer is a gel-fluid consistency that claims to blur out your imperfections & also gives your skin a radiant glow.  The gel primer to me had almost a silicone feel so it's extremely smooth + it has flecks of gold shimmer.  I am use to wearing a cream primer for the most part so this was very new for me.  

The blur primer applied like butter which I was pleasantly surprised at just how smooth my skin felt after application.   What I did not care for particularly was the applicator.  I applied it to the back of my hand to warm up the product & then applied it with my fingers.  I allowed the primer to set for a few minutes and applied my normal foundation & the application was smooth as well!  

I wanted to put the product to the test so I did wear it on a day where I knew I would be running errands and in & out of the heat.  It stood up to everything that it claimed.  I felt like my makeup looked flawless for the entire day & I was less oily even after 5 hours. 

I highly recommend this product for brides especially if you have combination/oily skin and want a flawless foundation for your wedding day.  The YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer 1oz bottle is priced at $57.00 at Sephora and I think its worth the investment.  This would work great for a bride or just a busy professional woman that desires a flawless appearance to her foundation.  

The next product I received to review was the Yves Saint Laurent  Touche Eclat Blur Perfector; Retail Price $55.00 at

I fell in love with the packaging for this product, its pink, gold & very shiny...something that every woman loves!  Lets be real ladies who would not like to pull out this lovely compact to refresh your face?  The blur perfector included a mirrored compact, cosmetic puff & a velvet YSL pouch to store the compact when not in use.   The overall packaging on this product definitely gets 5 stars in my opinion..... 

Ok, lets talk about about the actual product.....I was extremely nervous when I opened the compact & saw a light pink "balm like" compact.  If you didn't know I am a brown girl so my first thought was "oh this is going to be interesting!"   The product claims to be a  "balm-powder" that acts like a transparent foundation & helps to minimize pores & smooths out complexion.  

I personally used this product to touch-up my face after a few hours to control my shine.  My first time using the product I did not use the cosmetic puff because I didn't feel like it would work with the balm like consistency of the product.  I used a cosmetic sponge & I literally felt like I was wiping all of my makeup off with each swipe of the product.  So I wasn't feeling it at first to be completely honest.  However I tried the product for a second time & used a blotting application and it worked much better + I did not wipe off so much of my own foundation.   This is a product that you would definitely have to get use to the consistency but its a nice product.   Also being that it was a light pink color, it did come off translucent once applied to my face!  

Again, as you can see the packaging is absolutely beautiful however overall I would give the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector a 3.5/4.0 stars.  Its a product that you definitely have to get use to working with on the application.  

However, I would recommend this to a bride for wedding day touch-ups through the day because #1 its not a powder formula so it would not appear cakey in pictures.  #2 its a balm like compact so it leaves no room for accidents in the compact breaking if you carry it in a clutch for the reception or even in the pockets of a wedding dress.  Most wedding dresses now have pockets made into them which makes it easier for brides to carry their favorite lippie or compact to refresh their face during the reception.  

Have you tried any YSL cosmetic products?  Do share your favorites in the comments!! 

Thank you Influenster for selecting me to review this VIP YSL Touche Eclat box & I look forward to reviewing more amazing products with my readers!