Monday, August 6, 2018

Editorial Style | Beyonce + Vogue September 2018 Cover

Happy Monday!  Its the images we have all been waiting on...the September 2018 issue of Vogue Magazine that Beyonce was tapped for the cover!  As we all know what's even more special is that Tyler Mitchell was hand picked by The Queen Bey to photograph such an iconic shoot, making him the first African American Photographer to shoot a Vogue Magazine covershoot.

Enough of me rambling, sit back and relax and watch as Beyonce & Tyler take creative control for this amazing Vogue cover shoot! 

Dress:  Gucci | Lynn Ban Headpiece | Rebel Rebel Headdress. 

"Halo":  Dress: Valentino  |  Philip Treacy London Hat

"Me, Myself & I":  Dress:  Gucci  | Lynn Ban headpiece  | Rebel Rebel floral Headdress

"I Ain't Sorry" :   Dress:  Gucci  |  Earrings:  Bvlgari 

Image credit:  Tyler Mitchell by way of PopSugar

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day | What a difference 1 year can make | Healing | Daddy Hurt

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers that are taking care of their family + making a positive contribution to this thing that we call life.  

Father's Day for me personally has always been a somber day up until last year around this same time.  If you have followed my journey to healing, confronting the suicide of my biological father, and healing from it never being discussed with me for 37 years.  This year I feel accomplished because I don't feel somber or sad, I actually feel normal.  I plan to celebrate my "Bonus Father/Stepfather" who has been a mainstay in our family.  He's hardworking, stubborn, knows the WORD (especially when I have questions), loving in his own way & has always made sure our family was taken care of in the most genuine way.  

Typically on Father's Day I have had a aching in the pit of my stomach because I had so many unanswered questions about my bio father (that I honestly think of now as just my sperm donor...Don't Judge Me).  At the age of 5 he CHOSE to take his own life, and from that time it was never discussed.  At 5 years old you don't know what questions to ask.  At age 15-42  you still don't know what questions to ask. It was never personally talked about.   I was always forced to visit "his side of the family" by my Mama who I assume was just wanting to do right by him even in his death.  

Up until  the last year I have chose not "be forced" to go visit "that side" of the family.  I say that I chose because I did...for years I would come home to Kentucky and on Sunday before I went back to Tennessee it was always forced, "Ok get up & get ready we are going to see "The Cushenberry Family".  However for all of those years....ALL 37 of those years, that side of the family never invited me to family get togethers, or just to come over to spend time with them to get to know them.   I recall back in high school one of "My cousins" called me a "Spoiled Bitch"!   I have not spoken to her since that day.  The sad part is that I don't know her honestly, she was always very abrasive even in high school because we were semi close in age.  Recently I was contacted by one of my Bio fathers brothers and I only had the question of why now?  I have been on a journey of breaking the generational curse that I know is on that side of the family over my life.  I would hate to bring a child into the world knowing what I know.  Mental health is very important to me, and if you don't acknowledge that it exist, you will never be healed.  You will continue to live your life in a fog.

 I am to blessed & favored to live my life in a fog and that is why today I can celebrate!  God is good y'all because I was in a dark fog while still going through life & trying to build a life + business over the last year. 

I can say on today Sunday June 17, 2018 I am in a complete place of healing and it feels good!  The anger is gone.   There have been times more times that I care to admit that I got angry at my Mama for never talking freely about his suicide. Once it was finally confronted she said, "You never asked"   I've realized through going to therapy(my Therapist in Nashville is the bomb BTW)  that I can't blame her even though.   I would think that if it would be me, I would want to have that open communication with my child especially about such a tragic life event.  Suicide in the African American community (or any community) is something that is just not talked about.  ITS A TABOO TOPIC.  However with the recent  multiple suicides of some major celebrities its definitely a topic that we have to bring to the table.  

Today feels right and it feels good.  I am happy to be in this place.  I can attest that if you truly want happiness, healing & wholeness if you put in the work it pays off.  

Happy Father's Day & Cheers to a life of health + wholeness.  

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Professional Suits | Dresses Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Are you going through Royal Wedding Style withdrawals this morning?  I most certainly am, but I received several DM's via Instagram from ladies inquiring where they could locate similar dresses worn by the wedding guests.  Ask & you shall receive!  These dresses can be worn to the office & they are perfect for afternoon & evening weddings.

Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

Gimmerton - Night Owl Cocktail Dress - Similar to Amal Clooney

TB Dress  - The look for less.  {NOTE}  Always size up when purchasing
from overseas based companies.  Also always check the size chart.

Gimmerton - Cape Pencil dress ( awesome selection) 

J. Crew Knot Sheath Dress - Classic & Timeless

J. Crew Drapey Tie Waist Dress - Similar to Serena Williams

Neiman Marcus - Structured Pencil Skirt Suit

For personal & professional style shopping services please contact me on my website at Andrea Latrice Style 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding Style Recap | The Power of Love

If you were anything like me and millions of others we were tuned into the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.  The newly appointed Duke & Duchess of Sussex in a beautiful ceremony that was truly one for the history books.   The wedding was a star studded event that was very well attended by so many American celebrities.

I love all the pageantry + pomp and circumstance of royal events.  This wedding set a new standard from the fiery sermon, gospel choir but also the regular royal traditions.  It was the perfect mix of both Prince Harry & Meghan Markle and that is what a wedding is suppose to do!

The celebrities represented in their style and fascinators/hats & these are my favorites!

Oprah Winfrey in Stella McCartney

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham.  He is wearing Dior Homme & Victoria in her own Collection

George & Amal Clooney - I loved her Marigold Yellow Stella McCartney dress & his grey suit with Merrigold necktie & pocket square looked so good!

Idris Elba & Fiance Sabrina Dhowre :  Idris looked very handsome, now Sabrina I wasn't quite feeling the head to toe Gucci for such a formal occasion. 

Serena Williams & husband Alexis Ohanian - They both looked nice & I loved his morning coat.  Serena in a mauve Atelier Versace 

The Girlfriends of Meghan :  Priyanka Chopra in Vivienne Westwood, Actress Abigail Spencer wearing a cute vintage inspired dress by Allessandra Rich,  the gorgeous woman in orange looked amazing.  Actress Gina Torres look tea ready in her dress & fedora hat.  

The Royal Family! Chris Spencer (Princess Diana's brother)  & Wife Karen Spencer, loved her purple cape dress & fascinator. 

The Brides Mother:  Daria Ragland looked beautiful & so proud in her green suit. 

The Duke & Dutchess of Sussex - Her gown was designed by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy, the veil had such symbolism in representing all 53 Countries of the Commonwealth.  The bouquet was hand picked by Prince Harry and included Princess Diana's favorite flower. So sweet!  Prince Harry in his formal military uniform.  

The Reception Look:  Duchess Meghan looks stunning in a sleeveless high collared Stella McCartney gown + a special touch in wearing Princess Diana's aquamarine ring.{Something Blue}

I love a good happily ever after & this day was beautiful!  Congrats Duke & Dutchess of Sussex.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Luxury Style Inspiration | Chanel is Everything

Style Tip Tuesday | The Power of a White Blouse

 Style Tip Tuesday • “Imputed with glamour & poetry, freedom & impetuousness. The prim white shirt turns out to have a thousand identities....” ~ Gianfranco Ferre 

If there is one piece of style advice I can offer today is invest in a great white blouse of various styles but especially a crisp white button down. It can dress up denim and your biggest ball gown skirt! 

Classic • Timeless • Style 

To schedule your personal style consultation or closet analysis to kick off your Spring/Summer season, please contact me on the website

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Personal Style | 10 Spring 2018 Style Trends | Andrea Latrice Style

Happy Spring!  Today is the first day of Spring and I could not be more excited even if it is a cold and rainy afternoon.  The transition into a new season is like starting fresh, with your activities, travel & most importantly your style.  Below are some of my favorite top style trends to look for Spring/Summer 2018.  Its important to remember that you don't have to incorporate them all into your wardrobe.  Select the ones that complement your current style...Build with classics & accent with trends! 

Trend 1:  Spring 2018 Color Trends:  I am loving lavender & also Lime Punch for sure.

Trend 2:  Beltbag/Fannypack 

Trend 3:  Patchwork or Recycled Denim.  This is a nice trend to recycle old denim from your closet or even make a trip to a thrift or vintage store. 

Trend 4:  Sparkle Glitter/Sequin into your everyday style look. If you know me, then you know this trend is a staple in my wardrobe.  Sequin can be worn with jeans, skirts + sneakers.  Don't just save your good sequin for a special occasion, Rock them anytime. 

Trend 5: Gingham Print, its a classic print that can be dressed up or down.  Also looks great in accessories like scarves, handbags & shoes. 

Trend 6:  Clear Plastic Coats & Accessories.  This one is still growing on me, but it was a hot trend on the runaway for Spring & Summer 2018.

Trend 7:  Rafia/Wicker Bags & Accessories.  This trend starting to circulate at the end of last Summer but its definitely a trend you will continue to see for Spring/Summer 2018.

Trend 8: Thin Sunglasses

Trend 9:  Dad Sneakers.  This is another trend that will definitely have to grow on me, but its a very hot trend for Spring/Summer 2018.  

Trend 10:  Logo Tshirts.  This is a trend that I love because they can be easily dressed up or down depending on your mood for the day.  A good place to find unique logo tshirts are stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 & also your local vintage/thrift stores.  

Are you ready for Spring?  What are some of your favorites from this list of trends for 2018?  As always you can schedule a style consultation with me to do a style refresh of your current wardrobe.  Visit my website at